To democratize operational intelligence helping small businesses harness the power of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize operations, enhance customer service, and drive growth
Our vision is to be an industry leader in providing small businesses with a simple way to manage and optimize their business operations, enhance customer experience, and drive growth. We are actively working on building a solution that draws actionable insights by pulling together data from back-of-house operations systems, customer experience platforms, and on-prem IoT devices. Our focus is to make this solution simple yet powerful and intuitive to use
Founding Team
Paul Paturi leading the founding team brings over thirty years of business and technology experience leading large initiatives spanning data, business operations, intelligent automation, and business intelligence, Our core team comes from various technology and business backgrounds with strong domain expertise. Our strategic advisors are industry thought leaders guiding us on business and product strategies. Our investors come with extensive experience in building and running global operations. Together, we are passionate about building advanced analytical solutions easily accessible to business communities helping them run their operations efficiently and effectively

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